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Nautical Shops

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Photograph of sailboat in the ocean.
Art piece of founder of Nautical Shops, Jim Buie.

I have been around retail for years and have worn just about every hat on the hat-rack, spending years both in sales and as a business owner and buyer. 


I have lived by the water and enjoyed boating for over twenty years. My appreciation of the pleasures that being on the water can bring, combined with my professional expertise, inspired me to create Nautical Shops. That experience results a selection of nautical lifestyle products assembled for their beauty, uniqueness, and value. 


If I am not on the water, you can find me searching for the undiscovered treasures to add to Nautical Shops’ exclusive and ever changing inventory


We'd love to talk! 

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Nautical Shops
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Nautical Shops logo

About Nautical Shops

Nautical Shops has successfully navigated the turbulent waters of retail for over a decade. It is a business based on that always positive feeling and attitude that one gets near both large and smaller bodies of water. 

Nautical Art
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