Personal Rescue Strobe

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Part Number:WP S-1001

Personal Rescue Strobe

The Personal Rescue Strobe is one of the most robust PFD lights on the market. Its heavy-duty, military grade construction is comparable to lights used in deep-sea diving. The strobe is activated manually with an easy twist on/off motion and operates with one AA battery. A powerful 200 Lumens LED bulb is housed in an unbreakable Lexan lens and flashes 60 times per minute with a 360 degree omni-view. The unique light cone extends visibility, making it 4x brighter than average compact strobes, and visible from over 2 miles away.

Package includes a Velcro® hook & loop strap and two 4” zip ties for easy installation on Type I, II, III, and V PFD’s.

 •  Easy attachment to PFD or harness

•  U.S. Coast Guard approved

•  Best in Class for compact strobes

 •  No accidental activation

 •  DIVE-rated to 1,000 feet

 •  Waterproof 1px7

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