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Meet the Nautical Shops artists, learn their stories and view their work. We select those artists who skillfully express their love of the nautical lifestyle. Acquire art in every medium and at every price point to grace your home or office. Discover magnificent seascapes, sunsets and beach scenes interpreted by both emerging and established artists. Choose from collections of paintings, photography, sculptures, and art prints from a gallery of breathtaking images that only nature can inspire. 

  • Susan Dade Susan Dade
    View Susan's Dade's gallery of delightful watercolors that honor the southeastern coast where she lives and paints.
  • Christopher Reid Christopher Reid
    Christopher Reid created some of his most remarkable work when he lived and worked on our North Carolina Coast. He is recognized world-wide for his breath-taking depictions of the movement of water.
  • Guy Harvey Guy Harvey
    Guy Harvey a Jamaican marine wildlife artist and conservationist. His depictions of sea life, especially of sport fish, are renown for their veracity and beauty. We carry a variety of framed posters and both framed and unframed art prints.
  • Gail Doyle Smith Gail Doyle Smith
    The special magic of living and creating at the edge of the water is evident in Gail D. Smith's original paintings.
  • Carl Bistrack Carl Bistrack
    Carl Bistrack's photography captures glorious moments of beach and sky catching both their awesome expanse and fascinating detail .
  • Kim Mosher Kim Mosher
    Kim Mosher is a master of the colored pencil media and has made her meticulous works available as prints.
  • Ronald Williams  Ronald Williams
    A native of historic Wilmington,Ronald Williams is one of the region's most revered and collected coastal artists. He is recognized as one of the south's leading artists featuring techniques in pen and ink drawings and watercolors.
  • Celine Meador  Celine Meador
    Celine Meador's high creativity pair with meticulous skill to produce remarkable mixed media art works that not only depict but interpret the glories of our Carolina coast.
  • Derick Crenshaw Derick Crenshaw
    Derick Crenshaw's art brilliantly integrates the human form and figure in a natural setting-what he refers to as "peopled landscapes."
  • Ortrud Tyler Ortrud Tyler
    Just try not to smile when viewing Ortrud Tyler's happy works of art. Her deftly executed works of art exude charm and joy as well as a deep love and understanding of the maritime life.
  • Papa Doc Lindley Papa Doc Lindley
    William "Dock" Lindley, self-taught wood carver extraordinaire, is known for his realistic representations of over forty species of fish. All carvings are his original design with attention to detail in full and half mounts.
  • Ron Carney Ron Carney
    Ron Carney Nature Photography capturing moments of coastal splendor .
  • Jean Eastman Jean Eastman
    Internationally recognized artist and sportswoman Jean Eastman superbly and enthusiastically depicts the nautical lifestyle.
  • Phyllis Riley Phyllis Riley
    Nonagenarian Phyllis Riley continues to delight and impress with her talent and creative energy as she visually documents the beauty of her coastal hometown.
  • John Mehalik John Mehalik
    Photographic art created with an eye and the vision that transform the commonplace to the unique and sublime.
  • Joy Parks Coats Joy Parks Coats
    With exquisite simplicity and skill, Joy elucidates the experience of island living in her original paintings. You can almost feel the sea breeze and taste the salt air. Meander through her collection and and discover a treasure to grace your home or office.
  • James Horton James Horton
    James Horton captures the magical moments between past and present, history and reality.
Joy Parks Coats Snow's Cut Sunset
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Joy Parks Coats View From The Bridge
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Joy Parkscoats Fort Fisher Trees
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Joy ParkCoats Live Oaks By The Sea
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Joy Parkscoat Live Oaks Canopy
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Joy Parkscoat Low Country Morning
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Joy Parks Coats Surfside
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Derick Crenshaw The Front Porch
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Joy Parks Coats Waves at Sunset
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Joy Parks Coats Colors of the Dunes
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Joy Parks Coats Atlantic Morning
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