Gail Doyle Smith


A native of Martinsville, VA, Gail D.Smith is a retired fundraising executive who followed her husband, Wright Smith, to Wilmington, NC in 2006.  Previous creative pursuits included interior design, graphic design, playing piano, and arranging flowers, but it was her appreciation for fine art – especially oils on canvas – that led her to explore painting. Retirement provided her the opportunity.

Living on the Brunswick River, Gail finds inspiration all around – in the ever-changing river, early morning sunshine sparkling on the water, swaying marsh grasses that change from green to gold with the seasons, shore birds wading in the marsh, beautiful skies that shift with every breeze. She enjoys painting a variety of subjects, including seascapes, landscapes, birds, animals, flowers, still life and architectural images. Some reflect her Virginia roots, most coastal Carolina. Her grandchildren are the inspiration for a series of children’s paintings.

Largely self-taught, she enjoys creating one-of-a-kind pieces to share with others. Gail finds it incredibly satisfying when one of her pieces makes its way into the home of an appreciative customer!

Life’s most pleasant experiences stay with us as happy memories. Gail enjoys creating images that evoke memories of familiar places, experiences, even childhood. Her favorite reactions to her paintings include “that reminds me of…” and “that makes me smile” as viewers escape – even for a brief moment – to a happy memory. A signature piece by award-winning artist Gail Smith will become a prized possession that helps keep those memories alive forever.

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