Christopher Reid Morning Motoring

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Morning Motoring - 24x18/ pastel on paper

Christopher Reid 

When I go out in a motorboat first thing in the morning my senses seem heightened. I notice the sound of the wake sloshing against the spartina even with the hum of the motor. I can almost smell the salt air and feel the cool breeze that requires a hot cocoa. 

Nautical Shops is pleased and proud to present Christopher Reid’s original works that were inspired by his time on the Carolina coast.


International Artist Christopher Reid was born in South Africa, but moved to the US at an early age. He studied fine art at The Savannah College Of Art And Design and UNC-Wilmington. He trained in all media, but currently favors pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal. Christopher Reid currently resides in South Africa.


Artist’s Statement

“I am passionate about art, enjoy the act of creation, and hope to help people who view my artwork appreciate the beauty already around them. Too many people stumble through life without enjoying nature. Art is a form of communication and it is as important what you say as how you say it. I am an optimist at heart and I choose to use my art to talk about beauty. Since nature provides the inspiration for art, I enjoy painting en plein air so that I can be out in nature and incorporate all the senses into my paintings and better communicate an experience of the place.


Note: Original paintings by Christopher Reid featured here on Nautical Shops are readily available through our website. If you wish to obtain prints of his work, visit

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