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The term  “limited edition art prints“ describes a wide variety of techniques used to produce multiple copies of an original work of art.

Traditionally fine art prints were manually produced images crafted by the artists’ own hands and offered in small limited editions. Technological advances in methods of mechanical reproduction have made art available to a wide variety of art lovers- often yielding spectacular results. The artists of Nautical Shops disclose the method used, the number in the edition or run, and if the image will be hand-signed.    

  • Guy Harvey Guy Harvey
    Internationally renowned maritime artist makes his remarkable works accessible to all who want to capture the wonders of our waters.
  • Susan Dade Susan Dade
    View Susan's Dade's gallery of delightful watercolors that honor the southeastern coast where she lives and paints.
  • Derick Crenshaw Derick Crenshaw
    Derick Crenshaw's art brilliantly integrates the human form and figure in a natural setting-what he refers to as "peopled landscapes."
  • Ronald Williams Ronald Williams
    A native of historic Wilmington,Ronald Williams is one of the region's most revered and collected coastal artists. He is recognized as one of the south's leading artists featuring techniques in pen and ink drawings and watercolors.
  • Ortrud K.Tyler Ortrud K.Tyler
    Just try not to smile when viewing Ortrud Tyler's happy works of art. Her deftly executed works of art exude charm and joy as well as a deep love and understanding of the maritime life.
  • Jean Eastman Jean Eastman
    Internationally recognized artist and sportswoman Jean Eastman superbly and enthusiastically depicts the nautical lifestyle.
  • Kim Mosher Kim Mosher
    Kim Mosher is a master of the colored pencil media and has made her meticulous works available as prints.
  • Sea Heritage Sea Heritage
    Charleston Harbor, SC Coastal Chart 1858
  • James Horton James Horton
    James Horton captures the magical moments between past and present, history and reality.
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Kim Mosher Lighthouse Dolphins
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James Horton Beach House Flyover
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James Horton Lakeside Boathouse
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James Horton Carolina Harbor Morning
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Lea Island Dunes
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The Skiff
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